Inspired by the scientific method, mathematics and physics, Cyrill Ferrari constantly explores new musical frameworks by questioning the standard role of the guitar with a focus on sound and amplification. Using different pickups and few effects, he amplifies the guitar as a whole object and explores new sounds hidden within the instrument. This includes playing behind the nut or on both sides of the strings. His playing is impulsive and often edgy. Besides new sounds, Cyrill also seeks new forms of expression within harmonic and rhythmic structures by abandoning the tonal boundaries of chords and melodies. In his compositions for the band OORT CLOUD he focuses on unconventional rhythmic and harmonic patterns while leaving space for expression and improvisation. OORT CLOUD's first album "The Impossibility of Simultaneousness" was released in March 2021.

At the moment, Cyrill is focusing on expanding his trio with the addition of pianist Matthieu Mazué. This will generate new compositional and improvisational colours. He is also working on new duo material with Lara Alarcón, where he expands his instrument electronically with the help of the laptop.

In 2021 he will complete his Master's degree in Music Jazz Performance with Ronny Graupe, Frank Möbus and Elena Casoli. He is mainly active as co-leader of the projects OORT CLOUD, Leib and Alarcón/Ferrari, but also as a sideman.