Lina Tinérun

Fleeting embrace

Or long acquaintance?


Or urban metropolis?

A Journey



And Cactus

Lina Tinérun's cactus spines and feathers are:

Cyrill Ferrari (g)

The cosmic underground sound tinkerer:
always ready to break into new sound spaces with his guitar.
A mix between a witch's kitchen and shooting stars.

Florian Weiss (tb)

His playing is rooted in the desert cactus' unshakeable will to survive, which –
affectionately and broadly fanned out -
fits into the whole, as an iridescent bird's feather.

Flo Hufschmid (dr)

As an elementary forest spirit,
he draws the power for his rhythms and sound ideas from the depths of green
with utmost patience and care.
He imbues Lina Tinérun with sparkling robes and a profound vibration.

Damaris Brendle (voc)

The yarn-spinning being of sound that lives between prickly,
scratchy expression and crystal-clear melodies,
seeks to give the inner cactus the appropriate feather.