"Oort Cloud" is a resonant body made of wood and metal. It is created through the abstraction of mathematical and physical concepts. The resulting arrangement of sound waves manipulates time and space.

Cyrill Ferrari (g)

Johanna Pärli (b)

Michael Cina (d)

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„I shared a bill with Oort Cloud at a small club in Bern just before the pandemic hit. Listening to them live that night, I was instantly struck by the intensity of energy, creativity and focus of this young band. And now, hearing their recording, my first impressions are only strengthened. There is a simultaneous patience and reckless abandon, and the off- kilter rhythms and and rich sonic landscape transition seamlessly into beautiful melodies and song. Cyrill, Johanna and Michael have created something truly unique and exploratory with their debut recording.“
- Mary Halvorson

"Oort Clouds untersuchende Wahrnehmung des Raumes: Schwerelose Weite, Objekte, Zeitzustände, Anomalien, Interferenzen, Lichtfeuer, manipulierte Gravitation, aufblitzende schwarze Löcher, Intuition, und vor allem - tiefes Leben.“
- Ronny Graupe

"The first thing that strikes me about OORT CLOUD is their ferocious patience and dynamic range. The confidence thundering out of the arrangements is contagious. Johanna Pärli's bass has a gorgeous relentlessness and Michael Cina always seems to play the perfect rhythmic counterpoint. Cyrill Ferrari keeps your brain on the edge of its chair with his biting intervallic fragments and his surprise attack of subtle electronic effects is minaical. The young folks sound like they've been a band for years".
- Brandon Seabrook